Little Angel is a partner of the North Watford Extended Schools Consortium

Little Angel in Schools

Little Angel strives to do more than merely impart knowledge. We create a safe and inclusive atmosphere where children’s actions and consequences can be explored, discussed, and in a very real sense experienced within a protected environment.

We recognise the power of using Music, Dance and Drama. It nurtures a whole range of skills, it allows creative collaborations and it makes imaginations sparkle. Children are at the heart of everything we do.

Our annual schools programme covers the core curricular subjects: Literacy, Numeracy and Science as well as foundation subjects like History and Geography.  The Primary curriculum runs alongside our planning so we can focus on an array of key skills. 

Our projects are themed and created with children in mind. We believe that if we can fire their imaginations we will ignite learning, artistic activity and the development of imagination is integral to learning.

We are qualified teachers fanatical about education, Music therapists who have studied child psychology and know the positive impact of the Arts on children’s development. We are Professional Arts Practitioners who live and breathe Music, Dance and Drama, keeping up to date with new techniques. Lastly, we are just people who believe that Children are our future and they deserve the best start possible.